My Canadian Pharmacy: Sedentary Lifestyle

sedentary activityToday My Canadian Pharmacy will tell about sedentary activity, its pluses and minuses because more and more people are working in offices sitting all working day long.

Office employees who carry out the most part of the working day in a sitting position, often ask a question as far as their way of living damages their health. On the one hand, sitting at office for eight hours in day, you won’t begin to complain that feet ache is observed. On the other hand, for anybody it is not a secret that we increase load of backbone.

Some experts believe that staying in a sitting position breaks metabolism and harms the heart. In particular, doctor Alpa Petel from the American society on fight against cancer called sitting the most harmful person’s actions. If the person spends in a sitting position at least six hours in day, it doesn’t matter whether he goes in for sports in the rest of the time of day or not, the serious problems with health may be caused. The risk of a “sedentary” way of living doesn’t exist, there is a risk of an inactive way of life. The risk is connected with high probability namely – vascular diseases. But of course if you have already faced with such a problem you may solve it with the help of My Canadian Pharmacy.

People who spend much time in a sitting position can have no evidence-based symptoms since any researches are conducted in comparison with something or with someone probability of chronic diseases appearance. In this case it is very difficult to carry out comparisons, for example, office employees who work sitting also miners, at which mobile work is implied.

Experts are sure that the effect from long sitting is independent of other risk factors for health. That is those who leads relatively a healthy lifestyle and those who smokes equally suffer from a sedentary lifestyle also or has obesity. Thus it is unimportant where you sit, on a stool without back, a soft sofa or an orthopedic chair, more important is how much time body is inactive. To lower load of back, doctors advise each 15-20 minutes to do small exercises. The main thing is to do it regularly that there was an effect. Also to avoid problems, three times a week are enough to move on half an hour. It is possible to be engaged in aerobics, it is possible to go simply on foot. Therefore conclusions that only long stay in a sitting position breaks a metabolism and can lead to a number of dangerous diseases, are incorrect.