Submitting Programs

Anyone who is an inhabitant of or has a working place in Everett may enquire channel time, chargeless, to telecast a program. Producers and Access Users enquiring airtime for faqa program must finish a Video Submission Form.

There are no confinements on called up stand-alone shows; ECTV will try to allocate all programs as long as the program does not mingle with the normal program programme and the normal operation of the organization.

Series programs are constricted to 60 minutes in length.

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Process for Submitting Tapes

  • Personal programs called up for broadcast must be gone along with a Video Submission Form
  • Anyone enquiring a regular broadcast slot for a series must make a schedule the slot with the Director, or Programming Supervisor.
  • When Conceivable, the person calling up the programs must ship two to four programs for the series by dates consent on before that time slot becomes durable. The Program Proposal Form is renovated each year.
  • Forms must be called up in complete by the twentieth month long in order for the program to be supplemented to the following month’s program.
  • Each record must be labeled on the spine of the case with the producer’s name, program title, series title (when applicable), and the exact length of the program.

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Community Bulletin Board

  • Anyone wanting to come in contact with cable subscribers for non-for-profit grounds may fill in a brief message and graphic to be manifested on the public access channel’s electronic bulletin board.
  • Users may call up their messages two weeks i beforehand.
  • A phone number for further information and the name of the fostering establishment or individual must follow all messages.
  • Everett advertisements take antecedence over those from out of town.
  • ECTV shows messages claiming meetings until the day after the event.
  • Messages claiming ongoing services or occupations show for six months, in the one-month-on and one-month-off format, from the time the message is called up unless ECTV gets alternative guidance notes.
  • Please form a PSA/ Bulletin Board Request Form or Fax a copy of the form to 986 256 2454.

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With the intent to be a delegate at ECTV, simply visit one of our orientation sessions.

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Use of Facilities

Studio & Control Room

  • Access Users may book time in the studio and take under control of room no more than four weeks ahead of time and no later than five business days ahead of time. Regular suites Access Users may be provided with a regular studio booking schedule with ECTV.
  • Access Users utilize the studio up to four times per program, per month. With a maximum of four hours of studio usage per month.
  • All reservations must be get in writing form either by email, fax, mail or face to face meeting. (Email: info@ectvonline.com  Fax: 986 256 2009)
  • The record producer must be in for all studio acts.
  • Access Users must count in and out with the staff at the required time while utilizing the studio. After each studio usage, the person who reserved must sign a studio countout form and present it to the staff person if required as well.
  • No access user may utilize office space or equipment without any registartion by staff.Studio & Control Room
  • All studio production must consist of the ECTV standard disclaimer. No show will be in the air without this disclaimer put at the beginning and end of the show.
  • ECTV staff is accessible for all technical or production recommendations, proposals, or help. ECTV staff is in charge for and/or indebted to maintain or superintend and Access Users’ production.

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Portable Equipment

  • Access Users has a right to book portable devices no more than four weeks well in advance and no later than three business days well in advance.
  • The person who books equipment must collect it up and come back it, unless ECTV staff signs off on alternate organizations well in advance.
  • When returning the equipment back, an ECTV staff member writes down and initials an  Equipment Check-Out Form. Before bringing the equipment, the borrower must check that Equipment Check Out Form lists all the items will be checked. Access Users are fostered to check equipment before going away from the building. Access Users must signiture the Equipment Check-Out Form before leaving ECTV premises.
  • Access Users must bring equipment back at the time stated in the Equipment Check-Out Form. Access users cannot lend supplement equipment until they have come back all items in order or have paid ECTV an imposition that ECTV may levy against borrorwers equipment damages.
  • All Access Users and Producers are responsible for the equipment that is listed on the Equipment Check-Out Form. ECTV will ensure that all equipment is in working order. A Producer or Access User is in charge for all damage to, or theft of equipment, exclusively of normal wear and tear.

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  • ECTV utilizes Final Cut Pro redacting software. Learning is accessible (see Video Classes).
  • Booking for the reducting suite may be carried out on-site at any time if a staff is accessible and possible to fill in a booking form. If a staff person is unaccessible, ask to conduct the booking by email or fax.
  • Access Users may book reducting time no more than four weeks well in advance. They may utilize up to twenty-four hours of reducting time for any program. Access Users may book up to two hours of reducting time per day, with a maximum of six hours per week for one program.
  • All bookings must be brought in writing form either by email, fax, mail or in person. (Email: info@ectvonline.com Fax: 986 256 2006)
  • Access Users must count in and out with the staff person on-call when utilizing the reducting suite.

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ECTV suggests video production courses on a prolonging basis, and are above-broad to all fit access users who has a living place and/or working place in Everett.   Courses are proposed in sessions of six or more events over several weeks, and personal courses are alsosuggested on an ad hoc basis as necessary. Course programs are registered on the community bulletin board and are published at ECTV. Individuals and Organizations wanting to undergo courses must organize for them on a first-come, first-served basis.  Course sizes may be constricted at the discretion of ECTV. Each class may have a stated charge to pay for materials, and a non-refundable deposit.

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Class Schedule

video production classesYou may call or email Terri Tholen for information (Phone: 986 256 2336 Email: terry.tholen@ci.everett.ma.us)

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All Access Users are demanded to visit an orientation session in advance to any course or production seminars. Orientations are planned before each session of courses and at other times as required.

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Certification Requirements

Individual and Organization Access Users must undergo a certification procedure and be labeled “certified” by ECTV staff in realation to utilize any equipment. Access Users who have not visited for a time may demand to renovate their certifications. Basic courses let Access Users to help on ECTV production programs and to tape events, while intermediate courses qualify users to producer their own programs.

  • Studio Production Certification– work as a crewmember on studio productions.
  • Field Production Certification- to utilize main camcorders, microphones, and other portable accessories.

Requirements: Visit and finish the eight week Video Production course and volunteer on three ECTV production programs. Such course My Canadian Pharmacy workers have attended to make films about their organization.

  • Editing Certification- to utilize the reducting suite and reducting programs.

Requirements: Field Production Certification, visit and finish the eight week Video Editing class, and produce an reducted program to be transmitted on ECTV.

  • Studio Director Certification– To reserve the studio and direct studio productions.

Requirements: Studio Production Certification, attend and complete the studio directing classes, and direct three studio productions.

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Credit for Prior Experience

People with previous experience in television production may need certification by being appraised by ECTV staff. The appraising process may consist of a written and/or hands-on test, and the performance of a demo tape may also become necessary.

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Unsubscribing from Mailing List

To opt-out of the email subscription from the mailing list, log into your account by clicking here. Scroll down until you see the heading “mass contact settings.” Check “opt-out of mass emails.”

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Deleting an Account

To delete your account please email the website administer at alexandra.areskog@ci.everett.ma.us using “delete account” as your subject and inclusive of your username in the body.

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