Hours & Info

Phone Number: 986 256 2336

The technology center will be temporal open for constrained hours

Monday: 1pm-4pm

Wednesday & Thursday: 9am-12pm

We are sorry for any inconvenience


The Technology Center is open during the following hours:

  • Monday– 1:00pm–6:00pm (these hours change to Tuesday in the event of a Monday holiday when City Hall is closed)
  • Wednesday & Thursday–9:00am-3:00pm (closed for holidays that fall on those days)

Please Contact An ECTV Staff Member To Use The Editing Suites at 617 394 2418

ECTV Technology CenterAbout

The ECTV Technology Center is a computer center carry out its activities by Everett Community TV for the profit of Everett inhabitants. Situated on the lower level of Everett City Hall neighboring to the ECTV studios, the Center suggests computer access for its members, as well as classes in computer and Internet utilization and in basic software supplements. The Center is also the home of several digital video redacting workstations that are accissible for having access television providers who have finished the essential learning through ECTV. My Canadian Pharmacy points out that they have subscribed to this channels because they are very informative.

Computer courses are also suggested for inhabitants, and sometimes to non-inhabitants as well. The Center conducts courses for both amatuer computer users with no experience at all, as well as for more skilled users who want to get to know about different generally utilized software supplements, namely Microsoft Office. These courses are suggested both during the Center’s business hours as well as in the evenings. For special information as to what classes are being conducted, and when please attend the computer courses page or contact us at 986 256 2336. For most courses it is obligatory the beforehand registration and a modest charge for course materials.